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2017 NZ Datsun Events/Cruise Calendar

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 12:57 pm
by classicdat
Below are the Dates for all confirmed Cruises known so far. Please check back as the dates & details stated may change as planning progresses, but use these dates for planning purposes, it will be great to see you there.
Feel free to organise event & cruises in your area and start a thread for them so others can join in. If you let me know I can pop a link on this calendar so others may find your thread easily.

January - 28-29 Hamilton Cruise

February - Rakaia Cruise 12th February 2017

March - 4 Garage day
- 5 Datsun Breakfast

April - 2nd Datsun Breakfast and Garage visit, 8am on, McDonalds Riccarton Mall Carpark
- 29-30th Southern Cruise 29-30th April 2017

May - Grasskhana 2017 or Canterbury Car club event Or Track Day
-7thDatsun Breakfast & Garage visit May 7th, Air Force Museum Wigram 9:30

June - 3rd/4th/5th Queen's Birthday weekend
4th Port Hills Cruise
3rd & 4th Auckland
Other locations??

July Short Cruise, or Canterbury Car club event

August - Hanmer Cruise 2-3 September 2017

September - ??

October - 21-22 NZ Datsun Nationals Labour weekend October 2017 Taupo North Island
- 19 South Island Cruise to Nats
- Cruises from other regions.

November - ??

December - BBQs??

Re: 2017 NZ Datsun Events/Cruise Calendar

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:53 am
by classicdat
Some updates Added, check and see if links in Blue work for you.