Finding parts in Japan.. we can help!

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Finding parts in Japan.. we can help!

Postby mlracing » Mon Dec 14, 2015 3:48 pm

I've been given the go ahead to post up about services we can help with :)

So for those that weren't aware we do regular container shipments from Japan which are perfect for shipping big, bulky or items that aren't needed right away. Including, but not limited to bonnets, boots, wings, suspension, wheels, diffusers, body kits etc

Have a read through here to get you up to speed with Yahoo/UP Garage - Now including a cheat sheet to help find parts quicker.

Once you find something simply let me know via message or email and we can work out pricing etc.

Now of course that's fine if you don't mind looking through Yahoo and UP Garage but if you're after new parts, or refurb parts I've put together a few links which can be useful:

R31 House -
Victory 50 (Mainly Hakosuka/Kenmeri parts) -
Classic Car Nagoya -
Classic House Vintage (Mainly full car restores, not so much parts but cool to see their stuff) - (aero/frp/carbon repair parts for some models) -
Tea Valley (mostly do car repair and restore also but occasionally have parts) -
RS Watanabe Wheels -
Hayashi Wheels -
Rubber Soul/Grand Slam GT-R (lots of refurb/aftermarket parts for various models) -
RS Start (refurb/aftermarket parts mostly for hako, kenmeri, Fairlady Z) -
M Speed (variety of refurb/repair and aftermarket parts for various models) -
Daddy Motor Works (mostly engine swap work, some interesting builds) -

If anyone would like anything from any of those, or if you know others that you'd like to add be sure to add them or let me know and we can supply parts without issue. Many of those shops do sell on Yahoo as well and of course you will need Chrome or to know Japanese to get around for most of the pages.

If you have any searches on Yahoo you regularly use, or would like me to post up so you can check them often just let me know!

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