NZ Datsun club windscreen banners or stickers etc?

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NZ Datsun club windscreen banners or stickers etc?

Postby RedVB310 » Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:20 pm

Just wanting to know if the club has any sort of banners or stickers etc for my car. Also how do I actually officially join NZ Datsun club?

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Re: NZ Datsun club windscreen banners or stickers etc?

Postby classicdat » Sat Aug 26, 2017 1:58 pm

Sorry missed your post, I posted this in the Nats thread in response to you post there.

Hey Red, Yeah no need to 'sign up' just your indication on here (that you are attending the Nats) is enough, keep an eye on the forum and closer to the date I am sure one of the Auckland guys will start a thread on Cruising down together.
The only 'Signing up' you can really do more than registering on the forum is to become a financial member. There is no compulsion to do so, but the small $20 annual fee enables the committee to pay the internet costs, have funds to prepay for venues or food etc. produce merchandise that can be bought relatively cheaply, support Inter island travellers to major events. And of course the BBQ trailer etc.
What individuals get out of it, is discounts on insurance, discounts at associated suppliers, Insurance valuations, a freebee of club Merch and a Banner for your car. (I'm sure there are more) My savings always out weigh the fee many times over.
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