2 seater 1974 260Z

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2 seater 1974 260Z

Postby Questions » Tue Nov 14, 2017 10:11 am

Hi team

I will be selling a 2 seater 1974 260Z over the next few months. Its LH drive. The body is a 9 out of 10, the paint is a 7 out of 10. The interior is 7-8 out of 10.

What are these worth? I have not seen one for sale in a long time. Where is the best place to sell? Trademe?

2 doors
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Re: 2 seater 1974 260Z

Postby 2 doors » Wed Nov 15, 2017 9:01 pm

Trade me or the z forum, left hand drive one sold on there a couple of months back for 22k was a recent American import.

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