Dogleg gearbox

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Dogleg gearbox

Postby Greg51 » Sun Jul 10, 2016 3:49 pm

Hi I have bought a 74 B110 a couple of weeks ago and it has like most cars things your not happy with. It has a oil leak out rear seal. What Datsuns do the dogleg boxes come from? Also it has gear chatter while idling is this a common fault with them?
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Re: Dogleg gearbox

Postby Bartman » Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:29 pm

FS5W60L dogleg 5 speed gearboxes for A series engines were factory fitted to round headlight sunny coupes.

If yours a dogleg 5 speed?
Where did you find that car? I can't say I've seen it around before?
Leaking rear seals can be two things,
once the rear seal it had it. (They are pretty old now) or two, there rear bush in the tail housing is worn, which can cause the output yolk on the tail shaft to move concentrically, and loose contact with the seal letting oil past. Brand new genuine rear seals can be bought from Scott a cockram nissan. (At least I got a new one off him not too long ago) On a four speed, (This may or may not work on a 5 speed too) it's possible to dispense with the factory rear seal which incorporates a shroud, and use not one, but two plain oil seals. The seal recess is deep enough to install two in the place of the factory seal.
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