I am in trouble

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I am in trouble

Postby Tony_Whenua » Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:40 pm

Help needed

My Datsun keys just went through the washing machine :cry: and they were the only remote I have.
In hindsight I prob should have arranged a spare ages ago :roll:

AVS system with a TX404SV5 keyless entry remote.
There is still power etc in the remote but it no longer communicates with the car.

I have contacted (emailed) AVS in Auckland and their local installer over in Nelson. I have called but it is after hours so no body is at work.

I didn't install the system so don't know the code

Any ideas? I guess rip it out and put a new one in would solve it

Still can't figure out how to put pictures up :deadhorse:
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