Braasy's Datsun 1200 (B110) 4 Door Sedan

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Re: Braasy's Datsun 1200 (B110) 4 Door Sedan

Postby braasmonkey » Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:02 am

DATSN1200 wrote:Very nice car
Keep it original as it will be worth more
I had mine valued by the local Nissan Dealer for insurance purposes at $16;000 recently

Cheers mate. Yeah, will keep it as original as possible. I think from memory only body modification was to properly flare the guards a little, to fit some more modern wheels. Other than that, pretty stock.

Which Nissan dealer did you go through? That $16,000 price tag is a pretty nice number, if in case something goes wrong. Who are you insured with currently?


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