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Datsun Values

Postby b110sss » Thu Jul 05, 2018 4:23 pm

I have been watching Trade Me/ FB etc over the last few months ( mainly on 1200's ) and have to say that I am absolutely amazed by the amount of money that some people are asking for their Datsuns.
Sure, its a free world and anyone can put whatever price that they like on something but in reality what, if anything is actually selling?
Are these prices for real?
A classic example would the the 'original' poo brown 1200 currently on TM- $10000. Looking at the photos its pretty easy to see several thousand dollars rapidly disappearing down a black hole to be left with what- a stock standard 1171cc on skinny little tyres - absolute pure excitement on wheels...
Then there is that mustard coloured coupe at a dealers yard here in Chch that has been for sale for a very long time for $25000.
Now I know the costs of panel and paint only too well so can certainly relate to those who have spent many thousands in restos/ mods but the question that I would ask is- are we all getting a bit carried away here or are we really seeing a genuine surge in value?
Food for thought - look at what you can pick up an early rare wheel drive Toyota Starlet for and ask yourself how can a Datsun 1200 in worse condition be worth 3-4 times that? Or is it that Starlets are way too cheap?
Where do people realistically see the market? Z'ds appear to have taken off but again I can think of 2 ex USA cars that have been on TM for quite some time including an absolute stunner that sat around for a long time.
Which begs the question are we all getting carried away somewhat or are our little pride and joys really staring to move in value? If so this doesn't seem to be reflected across the Tasman nearly as much ( from what I have seen )and there are certainly still bargins to be had in the States.
Be interested in hearing members thoughts.

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Re: Datsun Values

Postby kartboy » Thu Jul 05, 2018 9:22 pm

Fair thoughts Dave.

I have seen the prices on some B310 sunnys and to think I couldn't get $3k for a tidy low owner car a couple of years ago.

As for the coupe here in Chch, I have been and looked at it -very tidy car but there are a few things that make it look like it has had a real quick tidy up like painting over the top of the bonnet rubbers instead of taking them off before painting and same with the door catches, very mint interior. and many know what this was advertised for before it got bought down here and in the yard with next to nothing needing to be done too it. If this is 25k then mine is ???

I guess at the end of the day they aren't making them anymore and they are only worth what people are willing to pay and the more that are selling at the high end the more paper worth ours have.......

My 2 cents worth

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Re: Datsun Values

Postby Otodat » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:13 am

Surely that 1200 sedan will not sell for that much, Mohit’s 810 sss coupe sold for $8k this week which would be a better car in every way.

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Re: Datsun Values

Postby tsC20 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 10:06 am

It doesn't seem to just be Datsuns. Any old Toyotas, Mazdas etc seem to be just as high. Classic car prices in general have moved up somewhat in recent times with their ever increasing rarity. Look at old Aussie car values now ! I don't think Australia is any different by the look of it. I think a lot of would be buyers don't always appreciate the time and money sunk into someone's pride and joy and think they can low ball. 'Asking price' and 'or near offer' don't seem to mean anything to some people. Unfortunately Trademe has made the whole car buying and selling experience quite impersonal.
Granted though, there are some sellers who are divorced from reality with the value of their car.

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Re: Datsun Values

Postby DATSN1200 » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:23 pm

It appears that Datsun 1200 cars that are original of the 1971 // 1973 / era are fetching good prices as a Classic Car Dealer agreed while chatting today in Paraparaumu
I know of two Datsun 1200 that both were sold in Wellington recently for $20,000 and $23,000 dollars
Both were in concourse condtion and still in their factory colours
My own one was valued by the local Nissan Dealer 18 months back at $16,000 and untidy ones are fetching $5,000 upwards most needing rust repairs
The cost of restoration is climbing and when talking with my friend last week who has a Classic Restoration Shop with four staff working full time on mainly Classic Cars said it was quite common for his clients to spend $20,000 to $30,000 on full restorations
The average Paint job is now costing $7,000 to $8,000 dollars to have done be quality tradesman
It is the same with Volkswagen Combi Vans
He is currently restoring three which will fetch upwards of $50,000 plus
I guess with the older Datsun 1200 and 1600 becoming hard to find prices with keep climbing
If you own one keep it

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