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Update 04, June, 2012

We have been incorporated for some time now, things are progressing well, with the committee meeting monthly to discuss club organisation, cruises, and the general day to day things that the club needs, from sponsorship deals and Financial Member membership cards to Club apparel and decals. Plus much, much more. For more info, visit the forum to see just what you can add to this growing club.

Update 21, September, 2009

We are now officially Incorporated!, and from this day forward we will be known as the New Zealand Datsun Club Inc. A draft of the Club's logo and Banner are in it's final stages, so watch this space.

Update 16, May, 2009

A Meeting was held, and the "Draft" set of rules were ammended, which will then be rewritten to include these ammendments. A club logo can then be decided on and also included

Once that happens, We can send the rules away with our sign up fee.

The begining

Bart (Bartman) is currently working on a "draft" set of rules thats needs to be sorted out for legal purposes.

Once he has made the draft set of rules, we'll organise to get together, and go over them as a group, and make any changes/additions that may be needed.

After that, we just need to put all the paperwork through to the right places, with the right number of signatures on it.and we'll be away!

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